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Is Your Child Scared of a Dental Appointment?

May 13, 2015

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Going to the dentist isn’t easy for anyone. Some adults are afraid to see a dentist, but it usually comes from past experiences. Children are sometimes afraid of the dentist because it is a new experience, and they have no idea what to expect!

Your kids are looking to you for guidance, and it’s important that you do what you can to make this first dental appointment a success. You might be afraid to see the dentist because of a bad experience you had as a kid, and you don’t want the same to happen to your child. Take a look below for some things you can do to ensure that your child’s first dental appointment is a success.

Find a Good Dentist for Your Kids
You can begin a great dental appointment by selecting a great dentist for your children. We believe that we are that office for you. In order for a child to have a great experience, he needs to feel comfortable and at ease.

We keep first appointments completely carefree, move at your child’s speed, and answer your questions while we work. It’s a great balance of getting the job done while also helping your little one feel comfortable and confident in the chair.

Address The Questions
As you are preparing for this appointment with your child, be sure to address any and all questions that may come up. Answer questions honestly but gently. There’s no reason to frighten your child with needless information. Remember, we aren’t doing anything scary at this first appointment; we are just getting your child adjusted to the dental office.

If your child asks you questions that you can’t answer, please encourage your child to remember that question. You might even write it down so that you and your child can remember to ask it when you come in together. One of the best things you can do for your child is to teach him to trust us to answer questions well.

Be Supportive
Finally, you can help your child by being supportive. Even if you are afraid of the office and the patient chair, it is important that you put on a brave face for your child. Your little one will be looking to you for encouragement.

After the appointment, you can help your child talk through what happened. He will probably have even more questions, and that’s great! Answer them as well as you can, and be encouraging. Remember, each appointment gets a little bit easier.

Is it time for your little one to come see us? Contact us today to set up that appointment. We recommend first appointments within the first six months after the first tooth appears, but if you are beyond that time frame, that’s ok! Any time is a great time to get started! We can’t wait to see you and your child very soon!

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