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Whiten Your Teeth Before Thanksgiving | Marrero, LA

November 1, 2015

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What’s in the card for you on Thanksgiving? Do you have big plans, such as driving out of town to visit friends and family? You’ll probably share a big meal of oven-roasted turkey and homemade mashed potatoes. You’ll gather around the table, and someone will tell an overly embarrassing story about one of your more youthful indiscretions and escapades. Someone may bust out the Monopoly board, for an overly competitive five-hour session of America’s favorite board game.

Thanksgiving is a time for friends and family; it’s a time for memories. In all likelihood, one of your friends or family members will decide to try and capture some of these memories with a camera. Maybe it’ll be your dad, who has finally figured out how to use his iPhone’s camera. maybe it’ll be your arty cousin, she still tales pictures with actual film! When the group turns to you and asks you to smile for a photograph, how do you respond?

The answer for many people is that they’d rather not show their teeth when they smile. They’ll simply give a weak, half-smile that hides how much they are truly enjoying themselves. If that sounds like you, why don’t you like to show-off your teeth when you smile? The answer for many Americans is that they are simply embarrassed or even ashamed about some aspect of their smile. For many Americans the reason is that they dislike how discolored or even yellow their teeth have gotten over the years.

But a dull smile is not a problem you have to live with any longer! At Lapalco Family Dental in Marrero, LA we offer professional teeth whitening in a convenient in-office procedure. Teeth whitening is an excellent choice if you are unhappy with the whiteness of your teeth. Our professional teeth whitening service can help take years of stains off of your teeth in one quick and painless appointment. Professional teeth whitening is the right choice to make if your teeth are discolored from age, genetics, or the foods and beverages you consume.

Many common items can cause your teeth to become discolored. There’s natural dyes in red wine that can stain your teeth; the same is true of any colored fruits, they may be healthy but they can discolor your teeth. Even something as routine as your morning cup of coffee can have a devastating impact on the whiteness of your smile. And if you smoke, nicotine stains not just your fingertips but also the enamel of your teeth.

Your first instinct may be turn to a do-it-yourself whitening product that you find on the shelves of your grocery store, pharmacy, or even Groupon. DIY whitening is fairly inexpensive, but that low-price tag comes with a hidden cost. The whitening gel is simply not very strong, that means you may have to try and use those whitening products for years if you want to see a real impact on your smile. That can actually be hazardous to your gums, but the gel can cause irritation and discomfort to them. If you use too much of them, you could even wind up with an infection!

But there is a good solution to your whitening dilemma. Professional teeth whitening at Lapalco Family Dental in Marrero, LA, is safe and completely effective. We offer the Boost system of professional teeth whitening. With Boost you can come to our office needing whiter teeth, the very next day. Boost works so fast and so well that one appointment is all you need to see amazing results. In addition, the entire process is overseen by Dr. Landry; this ensures that you suffer no irritation to your gums.

After an in-office treatment with Boost whitening, we will also send you with a whitening kit for you to use at home. This whitening kit contains custom trays that are specially-fitted to your teeth, you just use the prescription strength gel and follow the enclosed instruction. Generally, we will recommend wearing the whitening trays for an hour or two everyday for a couple of weeks. This process helps maintain the whiteness of your teeth, and can help you achieve a brand new smile!

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Do you want your teeth whitened in time for Thanksgiving? Wouldn’t it be nice to show off a whiter smile to you friends and family? Then schedule an appointment at Lapalco Family Dental in Marrero, LA. We can help you achieve a smile you’ve always dreamed of having. You can make an appointment by calling us at 504-264-6461.

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