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Save Your Smile & Your Time With A CEREC Crown

February 1, 2016

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You have a lot on your plate between your family, your friends, and your job. You may have trouble finding the time to do the things you need to do, so trying to find time for a dental appointment may be difficult.

And if you need a dental crown, that’s even trickier because you may need to make two appointments … unless you have your dental crown created and placed in one day.

That’s possible if you live in Harvey or anywhere else within driving distance of our dentist office in Marrero, LA. Keep reading to learn about CEREC crowns, then call Lapalco Family Dental to find out how you can get yours in just one visit to our office.

Why A Dental Crown Can Help

Before we explain how you can get a CEREC same-day crowns, we want to make sure you understand the purpose of a dental crown.

When you have your dental crown, it will look just like on of your natural teeth. Just as important, it will function like a real tooth, so you can continue eating the foods that you love.

If you need a dental crown, that means something is wrong with your tooth. Here are some of the most common problems we fix with crowns:

◆ Chipped tooth — You may have lost part of a tooth if you were in an accident. Having a chipped tooth can make you self-conscious about your smile. It also leaves that tooth more vulnerable to a bacterial infection, which could cause our next problem.

◆ Decayed Tooth — We probably don’t need to explain why tooth decay is bad for you teeth. In some cases, the damage is minimal and can be corrected with a filling. In more serious cases, a dental crown may be necessary to remove all the decay and to reduce the risk of reinfection.

◆ Discolored Tooth — A decayed tooth can certainly turn an ugly yellow, brown, or black color. You also may develop a stained tooth due to habits like smoking or excessive coffee or tea drinking.

◆ Misshapen Tooth — If you have a tooth that is misshapen in some way, it may cause problems with your bite. A dental crown can resolve this issue.

◆ Weak Tooth — This could be the result of a tooth filling that has been replaced so many times that it has worn down the structure of your tooth. This may be the result of tooth decay, and it may be the result of an injury to your mouth.

CEREC Vs. Other Dental Crowns

Almost any dental crown will fix the problems we mentioned above. You have to decide how soon you want your crown.

With many dental crowns, the dentist will make an impression of the tooth to be reshaped. This impression is sent to a laboratory, so they can make your crown.

The dentist also will reshape your tooth into an abutment. In the process, he or she will remove the damaged, decayed, or discolored portions of your tooth. After he or she is finished, the dentist will place a temporary crown on your tooth.

Hopefully, your temporary crown won’t come loose in the weeks while you are waiting for your permanent crown to arrive. When it does, you will need to ask your boss for more time off work or give up some time with your family to get the crown bonded to your tooth.

At Lapalco Family Dental, we offer CEREC crowns because we know your time is valuable. (CEREC is an abbreviation for ceramic reconstruction, in case you were wondering.)

With CEREC, we start by making a digital impression of your damaged tooth. That impression is sent to a computer that controls our milling machine. We don’t have to send your impression somewhere else. We can make it in our office.

Our dentist will still need to reshape your tooth into an abutment. But instead of placing a temporary crown, we can cement your permanent crown in place before you leave.

You can walk in with a problematic tooth and walk out with your dental crown that same day.

Value Your Time And Your Teeth

We know when we have a problem, we want it fixed as soon as possible. With dental crowns, same-day service is as good you can get.

Find out why patients make the drive to see our dentist, Dr. Landry, at Lapalco Family Dental in Marrero, LA. Call 504-264-6461 or fill out our online form to make an appointment for your CEREC same-day dental crown.

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