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A White Wedding Deserves A White Smile Too

May 8, 2016

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June is considered the start of “wedding season,” and you may be attending a wedding or two over the next few months.

If one of those weddings is yours, our team at Lapalco Family Dental wants to wish you many years of love and happiness.

No matter whose wedding it is (yours, a relative’s, a friend’s, or a coworker’s), you can count on one thing — lots of pictures. 

Even if you aren’t in the wedding party, you can be sure that your photo will be taken many times thanks to the constant presence of camera phones. You also can be sure that your photos will be shared with hundreds, if not thousands, of people through social media.

If you live in Marrero, Harvey, or anywhere in between, we invite you to get camera-ready with the professional teeth whitening that we provide at our Louisiana dental center.

Don’t Take Chances With Your Smile

You will want to look your best, especially if you are in the wedding party. That’s truer if you are the bride or the groom.

Think about everything you do to get ready for a wedding. You have to pick out a nice outfit (wedding dress, tuxedo, etc.). Many people carefully pick out the jewelry they will wear and plan months in advance when and how they will have their hair styled.

Your smile is an important part of how you look, too. If you are planning to whiten your teeth, you will want your teeth to be bright and white, not off-white.

For the best results, you need professional teeth whitening. In a short time, you can see a huge improvement in the color of your teeth by using these products, which are not available at your local grocery store.

Commercial Vs. Professional Whitening

We can appreciate the convenience of commercial whitening products. It really would be nice if you could go to the nearest store, walk down the toothpaste aisle, and pick up a product the will give you sparkling white teeth.

Television commercials for these products would suggest that they can work wonders, but the truth is a little less miraculous. According to WebMD, the best results you can expect from most commercial products is teeth that are about three shades whiter. Not all commercial products are that effective.

On the other hand, professional whitening products can lighten your teeth by up to eight shades. That is a significant improvement above and beyond what you can expect from any retail teeth whitening product.

Why is there such a difference between these two kinds of whitening products? 

It’s basically the same reason we use fire hoses instead of garden hoses to fight fires. Both kinds of hoses use the same thing (water), but one is using more of it, which makes it more powerful.

Professional whitening is to commercial whitening what the fire hose is to the garden hose.


The difference between commercial and professional whitening is largely based on the concentration of the whitening agent in each product.

Some commercial products may have a 10 percent concentration of the whitening agent. In contrast, professional whitening products can have concentrations of 35 percent or more.

That also explains why professional products are available through dentist offices and not grocery stores.

In our practice, we use Boost whitening. We offer both in-office and do-it-yourself whitening products.

Our in-office whitening procedure is the fastest way to improve the appearance of your teeth. Our dentist, Dr. Landry, has said you can come to see us on a Thursday and your smile will look better for a wedding on Friday with our in-office treatment.

If you have a little more time, then you may want to try our take-home product instead. We will create a custom-fitted tray for you to use. When it’s ready, we will give it to you along with whitening gel and instructions on how to use them.

When done correctly, you can see big improvements in the whiteness of your teeth in just a few days.

Get White For The Wedding

Whether the next wedding you attend is yours or someone else’s, you can look your best with the help of professional teeth whitening. You’ll be happy to show off your smile whether it’s for a formal portrait or a selfie.

To learn more about our professional teeth whitening options, call Lapalco Family Dental at 504-264-6461 or use our online form to make an appointment. Your whiter smile could be here faster if you contact us today.

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