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Harry’s Journey: Dental Implants

July 29, 2016

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You may remember Harry, a patient we told you about a few blog posts ago. Harry was a recent retiree who had finally come into some money after almost 40 years of avoiding the dentist due to financial strain! Harry came into our office looking for a tooth replacement solution. We helped him throughout the process of achieve a beautiful new smile with removable dentures. But Harry’s journey did not end there. Today, we would like to continue Harry’s story and tell you about how he made the switch to dental implants and how they changed his life!

If you missed the first part of Harry’s journey, you can read it all about it in our blog post entitled, Harry’s Journey: Removable Dentures. The team at Lapalco Family Dental is equipped to handle all kinds of restorative situations. Give our Marrero, LA dental office a call if you have a need! We would be happy to help you find a solution to your problem.

Struggling With Dentures

The last time we heard about Harry, he had just received his new removable dentures. After the procedure and placement, Harry immediately loved the way his new teeth made him look. They did not have the poor appearance of his previous smile. However, once he was home and healing from the extraction surgery, he began to notice some of the downsides of having removable dentures.

For one thing, they were not very easy to get used to. Because they simply sat in his mouth, they sometimes were awkward to deal with. He also had trouble keeping them in his mouth sometimes. In general, he was not happy with the way they functioned. So he called up his buddy Bill again to complain:

[ring, ring, ring]

“Hello? This is Bill.”

“Hey, it’s Harry. How’s it going?”

“Great, just got back from a fishing trip with the boys. How’re you?”

“Not doing so well. I’ve been trying to get used to these new dentures, but they just aren’t cooperating.” Harry complained.

“Ah, yeah, I heard that dentures can be difficult to get used to sometimes. They work great for some people, but sometimes not for others. Did they give you any other replacement options?”

Harry hesitated. “Yeah, they said something about implants, but that would require surgery and more money…”

“But if they help you eat and smile and laugh, aren’t they worth it?”

“If they actually work, I suppose so.” Harry had to agree with that.

“Well, maybe you should reconsider them again. Give the office a call, I’m sure they can tell you more about it.”

Reconsidering Dental Implants

So Harry called up his friends at Lapalco Family Dental once again and schedule a consultation. He wanted to learn what these implants were all about. How much would it cost him? Would they really help him eat better?

When Harry met with the team at the dental office, they told him all about dental implants and how they could change his life. Dental implants, Harry learned, were:

  • strong
  • secure
  • beautiful
  • healthy

They would stay put! They would let him eat whatever he wanted to eat without worry. Yes, they did require surgery, but then he wouldn’t have to worry about his teeth again for decades to come. It seemed like a good idea, even if it was an investment.

Harry’s Happy Ending

So they scheduled the procedures and Harry was able to get the implants he needed to secure his smile. After healing, he was finally about to eat, laugh, and smile without worry that his teeth would shift around or fall out. A year later, he is doing great and loves his smile!

Schedule Your Visit

As you may have guessed by now, Harry isn’t actually a real patient of ours. However, we do work with patients every day who are just like Harry! Patients who are looking for a tooth replacement solution for the first time or who are currently dealing with a solution that isn’t working for them. Either way, our Marrero, LA dental team can help.

If you’re like Harry and just need some help, please call us at 504-264-6461 or request an appointment online. We would be happy to help you!


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