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A Tale Of Two Chipped Teeth

August 25, 2016

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They had the best of smiles … then they had the worst of smiles.

Twins Timmy and Tommy took turns trying to outdo one another in almost everything. If one won a race, then the other would try to run farther.

They decided to have a popcorn eating contest (don’t ask why, they just did). They each got a big tub. The winner was whoever finished his tub first.

As they raced to eat, they each bit into unpopped kernels. Mind you, this didn’t stop them. They just kept going. When they were finished (at about the same time), they each noticed something odd.

Both of them had chipped a tooth during their popcorn showdown.

Tommy decided to call Lapalco Family Dental in Marrero, LA, and Timmy called another dentist office.

Another Race?

Seriously, these twins competed over everything. Timmy said he was sure that his tooth would be fixed before Tommy’s. Tommy replied that Timmy shouldn’t be so sure about that.

You see, Tommy knew something that Timmy didn’t. Tommy knew that Lapalco Family Dental offered CEREC crowns.

They agreed that they would make their appointments at the same time on the same day, so they could determine a “winner” easier.

Tommy’s Appointment

Tommy arrived for his appointment feeling confident about his chances.

Dr. Landry looked at his tooth, and he agreed that a dental crown would be the best way to restore his tooth. This way Tommy’s smile would still look natural, and just as important, his crown would restore his ability to eat as well.

Dr. Landry explained that they would start by removing a portion of Tommy’s tooth. This way they could create a dental crown that fit perfectly in the place of his chipped tooth.

After that, the staff used their in-office milling machine to create a dental crown for Tommy.

Timmy’s Appointment

Timmy’s appointment start virtually identically to Tommy’s. Timmy’s dentist looked at his tooth and explained that a dental crown would be the best solution.

The dentist reshaped Timmy’s tooth and placed a temporary crown over it. This temporary crown was made of an acrylic material. It kind of looked like a tooth but its main function was to cover the natural part of the tooth until Timmy’s permanent crown was ready.

The dentist said they would order his dental crown from a laboratory, and the would call him when it was ready.

Timmy left with his temporary crown in place, confident that victory would soon be his.

Back At Tommy’s Appointment

Tommy was at Lapalco Family Dental a little longer than his brother as at his appointment.

But in the end, Tommy knew is was worth the wait.

When the CEREC machine was finished, Dr. Landry bonded Tommy’s permanent crown to his tooth. Dr. Landry explained that Tommy would still need to care for his crown like he does the rest of his natural teeth.

That means brushing and flossing every day.

But he also let Tommy know that by the time he left, his CEREC crown could be used just like any of his other teeth while he was eating.

At The House

Timmy was waiting on the couch when Tommy got back from his appointment.

“I told you my tooth would be fixed before yours,” Timmy announced with a smug look on his face.

Tommy asked Timmy if he had his permanent crown already. Timmy said, no, but he expected to have it within a few weeks.

Tommy then walked over to Timmy and opened his mouth.

“That is my permanent crown,” Tommy said, trying not to sound smugger than Timmy did earlier.

“How is that possible?” Timmy asked.

Tommy explained that his dentist was able to make a crown in one day thanks to the CEREC system. He said his dental crown was as effective as a real tooth, and he wouldn’t have to go back to the dentist to complete the process.

Timmy was a little dejected, but he would not stay discouraged for long.

“The next time I chip my tooth, I’m going to Lapalco Family Dental,” he said.

Treat Your Teeth Right

You have probably figured out by now that Timmy and Tommy aren’t real. They are two brothers we made up to illustrate how CEREC crowns are one of the ways we help our patients save time at our Louisiana dental center.

If you should need a dental crown, then please call us 504-264-6461 or use our online form to request an appointment at your earliest convenience.

But don’t be like Timmy. Don’t do things you know could lead to your teeth getting chipped.


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