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Prevent Dental Problems This Christmas!

December 18, 2017

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child getting dental checkupLapalco Family Dental wants to wish you Happy Holidays! We love this time of year as much as you do, and we want to make sure it’s full of joy. That’s why we’re devoting today’s blog to how you can keep your holidays free of dental problems despite the special risks this time of year can pose to your healthy teeth and gums.

What Puts Your Smile At Risk During The Holidays?

The biggest holiday hurdle your teeth and gums face is sugar. That’s because Christmas is the time of year when we give ourselves permission to indulge in a bit more of those sugary treats then we normally do.

What this means for your oral health is that you become more vulnerable to cavities and gum disease. Every day of the year, you have harmful bacteria in your mouth that can’t wait to eat the sugar left behind after your meals. Once this happens, it creates plaque acids that erode your tooth enamel and leave microscopic openings for infection-causing bacteria.

Tips For A Healthy Holiday Smile!

We’re giving you five useful tips for preventing dental problems during your holiday celebrations.

Tip #1: Don’t Use Your Teeth For Anything But Eating!

Price tags on new ties and sweaters are one thing that stand in the way of the instant gratification we love when opening Christmas presents. But if you’re a parent, you know all too well how much harder it is these days to liberate those toys from their boxes!

Whether it’s a price tag or a zip tie holding your child’s new toy hostage, remember that your teeth aren’t designed to be used as tools! Keep some scissors close by so you won’t be tempted to put your teeth at risk for damage and dental emergencies.  

Tip #2: Do Extra Rinsing To Keep Your Mouth Clean!

While we’re sure you won’t let the holiday hustle keep you from brushing and flossing everyday, we do know that the extra sugar you consume can use a little extra help being washed away.

That’s why we suggest rinsing your mouth with water after you’ve eaten something that’s loaded with bacteria’s food of choice! This will help protect your tooth enamel with an added layer that will shield the acids that attack it.

Tip #3: Maintain Your Usual Oral Hygiene Routine!

No matter what day of the year it is, oral hygiene isn’t something you should skip. Traveling, however, can make your normal routine a little harder to maintain during Christmastime. We recommend placing your toothbrush, toothpaste, and dental floss somewhere that you’re sure to see it everyday. That way you won’t be able to forget this important oral health practice!

Tip #4: Steer Clear Of Sticky Sweets!

Sticky candy and toppings pose a unique threat to your oral health this time of year. Any sugary snack or dessert that sticks to your teeth will hang around in your mouth long enough to feed the harmful bacteria in your mouth. This can make you more susceptible to tooth decay and gum disease.

Tip #5: Crush Candy Canes At Your Own Risk!

This is a time of year to reward yourself for all the sensible choices you make for optimum health. But one thing you can skip during Christmas time is hard candy, like candy canes.

While it may seem like we’re betraying the holiday itself by putting candy canes on the danger list, it’s really because we care about protecting your teeth from the kind of damage candy canes can cause.

Not only are candy canes loaded with sugar, you can easily crack or chip a tooth if you bite down the wrong way on this hard candy. So it might be best to use candy canes to decorate your tree rather than as a sweet treat!

Make A Post-Holiday Appointment!

One of the best ways to prevent dental problems any day of the year is to maintain professional dental appointments. Your routine dental cleanings and exams are one of your mouth’s best defenses against cavities, damaged teeth, and gum disease.

Dr. Landry and our experienced staff have the skills and the technology to keep your teeth and gums healthy. By catching potential dental problems early, we can help you preserve your most beautiful smile all year long!
Call our Marrero, LA dental office at 504-264-6461 today or fill out our online form to schedule an appointment.

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