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5 Habits That Can Put Your Teeth In Harm’s Way

October 4, 2019

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Most people think that visiting their dentist every six months and brushing and flossing their teeth regularly is enough to keep them from experiencing dental damage. For some, this can be true; however, there are certain everyday acts that hurt your teeth and increase your risk of chipping, cracking, or fracturing a tooth. The best way to make sure this doesn’t occur is to quit them before they damage your beautiful smile.

Being Distracted While Walking

Everyone has embarrassing moments where they trip, slip, or fall because they weren’t paying attention to their surroundings. Multitasking while you’re walking or running may seem efficient, but after you trip and fall on your face, it’s another story. Be sure to watch where you step, and stay alert before you find yourself accidentally walking into a pole. While an incoming text or phone call may seem important at the moment, you won’t think so when you’re stressed and rushing to your emergency dentist.

Not Wearing the Right Sports Safety Gear

Facial trauma caused by a flying ball or being tackled can cause dental emergencies like a knocked-out or damaged tooth when you’re not wearing the proper safety gear. It’s best to avoid these accidents by being fitted for a custom mouthguard from your dentist to reduce the impact on your mouth caused by a collision. They’re individually made for your unique oral structure to provide maximum comfort and protection.

Crunching Into Certain Foods

Chewy, hard, and crunchy foods like popcorn kernels and caramel can easily cause your tooth to crack or become damaged. The best way to avoid this is to be mindful of what you’re putting in your mouth and always chew carefully. The last thing you would want to have to explain to your friends is how a small un-popped kernel ruined your smile.


Nail-biting is a common bad oral habit caused by anxiety, stress, or worry. It can be hard to break, but you’ll be happy when you do, especially when you avoid chipping your pearly whites because of it. Chewing on your nails can also cause other oral health problems like gum infections due to the transfer of bacteria from your hands to your mouth. You can try breaking this habit by cutting them short or keeping your hands and mouth busy whenever you feel the urge.

Teeth Grinding

Bruxism, or grinding and clenching your teeth, is a common oral habit among Americans that’s frequently caused by stress and anxiety. When you lay your head on your pillow at the end of the day, your worries don’t just disappear, and sometimes they manifest into habits like grinding that causes unnecessary wear-and-tear on your teeth. It can also cause them to become fractured or cracked. As an easy way to combat this is to get a custom-crafted nightguard from your dentist to reduce the damage and prevent additional problems from developing.

While good oral hygiene and regular visits to your dentist are great ways to take care of your mouth, they can’t always prevent dental damage. Breaking these bad oral habits for teeth can keep you from needing an unexpected visit with an emergency dentist.

About the Author

Dr. C.J. Landry has over three decades of experience in dentistry and is passionate about providing families with quality and trustworthy dental care. He has completed thousands of hours of continuing education in several dental fields such as implant surgery and restoration, orthodontics, prosthodontics, and root canal therapy. He also utilizes the latest dental technology to help his patients have comfortable and virtually pain-free treatments. For questions or to schedule an appointment for a routine checkup and cleaning or emergency visit, visit Lapalco Family Dental’s website or call 504-348-0080.

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