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4 Factors That Could Make You More Vulnerable to Cavities

November 25, 2019

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young man eating sweet treatsIf you’re like most people, then you’ve been hearing about the dangers of cavity development since childhood. There’s a chance, though, that you haven’t been given a full picture of what can contribute to its emergence. It’s best to know what can make you more susceptible to cavities so you can take the appropriate actions to protect yourself. As you continue reading, a local dentist discusses 4 factors that could encourage tooth decay.

#1 – It Could be Your Diet

A major determinant of your oral health is your diet, which includes the foods and beverages you consume. As a general rule, the more sugar you take in, the greater your chances are of developing cavities. That’s because the leftover debris attracts bacteria, and wherever these microorganisms are allowed to fester, cavities are soon to follow.

#2 – Do You Have Dry Mouth?

Have you ever wondered why your body produces saliva? One of the reasons is that it acts as a natural cleanser for your mouth. When it’s present, it helps to remove any remaining particles from a meal.

If there is a decrease in saliva production, whether it’s due to an illness or taking a medication, the mouth can become a breeding ground for bacteria and cavity development.

#3 – The Problem with Gum Recession

Typically, gum recession is brought on by acute bacteria growth that has started to diminish the gum tissue. This can lead to further problems by leaving the base of the teeth exposed and more vulnerable to new bacteria accumulation. Not only can this bring about cavity development, but it can also contribute to gum disease and tooth loss.

#4 – Is the Shape of Your Teeth Causing Problems?

If your teeth naturally have deeper grooves, it could place you at a greater risk for cavities. That’s because the crevices make it easier for particles and bacteria to get trapped. An additional challenge is that these spaces are harder to get into to clean, and since they are closer to the roots, any decay can be more detrimental.

How You Can Protect Yourself

No matter what limitations you’re working with, there are steps you can take to protect yourself. The first is to practice consistent and proper oral hygiene. This should include brushing, flossing and tongue scraping at least two times a day to remove any lingering debris.

It’s also beneficial to maintain regular visits with your dentist for preventive care. These appointments will include a thorough cleaning and examination that can rid you of any plaque and tartar and catch any developing issues before they get worse.

By taking the appropriate actions today, you can rest assured that you’re better protected against cavities and any other oral health challenges.

About the Author

Dr. C.J. Landry is a graduate of the LSU School of Dentistry in New Orleans. Throughout his career, he has placed an emphasis on prevention, as he understands all too well that it’s the best form of defense against dental health issues. Dr. Landry conducts dental checkups at Lapalco Family Dental, and he can be reached for more information through his website.

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