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Traveling this Holiday? These Tips Help You Avoid Dental Emergencies

December 18, 2019

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A couple relaxing on vacation.Are you planning on traveling this holiday season? While it’s likely that you’re thinking more about your itinerary while you’re out of town and not your oral health, dental emergencies can appear anywhere at any time. Thankfully, there are ways to avoid them, especially when you’d much rather be figuring out which fancy beach drink you’d like and not where the nearest emergency dentist is in an area you aren’t familiar with. To learn the most important tips from a dentist, keep reading!

Do Not Use Your Teeth to Shell Nuts

When you’re on the go, you might feel like you need to be more resourceful with what you have, rather than what you should use. For example, if you enjoy nuts, you might feel so inclined to simply put some shelled nuts in your mouth and open them with your teeth. However, the shells of nuts can easily chip or crack teeth and even cause gum damage if you do this too often! It’s much better to use your fingers or the proper tool to shell the nuts, rather than put your tooth enamel at risk.

Avoid Chewing on Ice and Hard Candy

Traveling somewhere warm during the holidays? If so, you’re likely to start chewing on the ice cubes of your favorite chilled drink once you finish it. The problem is chewing on ice cubes is a sure way to crack or chip a tooth while you’re relaxing in your beach chair. Instead, suck on the ice and let it slide down your throat. You can also dump the ice out of the glass when you finish it to avoid the temptation.

Skip the Chewy Treats

Do you have any restorations, such as fillings or dental crowns? Eating extremely chewy foods, such as taffy, caramel, or gummies can actually loosen your restoration to the point where it comes off. While not every loose restoration is considered a dental emergency, it can certainly cause some discomfort that you’ll want to avoid. Skip these foods altogether, at least while you’re on vacation.

Always Use the Proper Tools, Not Teeth

Just because you might know what that gift from your uncle might be and you’re very excited doesn’t mean you should use your teeth to open the packaging. Stick to using the right tools for the job, whether you’re opening packages or bottles. Using your teeth can not only permanently damage your enamel, but increase the risk of needing a crown or even a  root canal!

Break Your Nail-Biting Habit

If you bite your nails when you’re stressed, you’re likely to do so while traveling as well. Traveling can be stressful for everyone involved, but that doesn’t mean your teeth should suffer in the process. Make sure to cut your nails with a proper nail clipper and file them down before you travel as a way to make biting your nails more difficult.

Traveling shouldn’t put your oral health at risk. With these tips in mind, you can dramatically reduce your chances of experiencing a dental emergency while you’re on the go. Make sure to schedule a checkup with an emergency dentist before you leave as well!

About the Author

Dr. C.J. Landry provides services and immediate treatment for dental emergencies. Whether your tooth is in pain or it has been damaged or knocked-out, him and his team will take the time to see you the same day that it occurs. Getting your issue treated is just a phone call away, so if you’re experiencing a dental emergency, you can contact him through his website.

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