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An Inside Look at the Future of Dental Implants

September 30, 2020

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Dentist pointing to model of dental implants

Did you know that 69% of Americans between the ages of 35 and 44 have lost at least one permanent tooth? Plus, 26% of adults have lost all their permanent teeth by 74! So, it’s not surprising that the dental implant industry is worth over $4.4 billion and shows no sign of slowing down. After all, dental implants have come a long way since they were first introduced over 4,000 years ago. Read on for an inside look at their advancement and what’s next!

A Glimpse Into the Past

Tooth loss is a dental concern that has been present for ages. In fact, researchers have found evidence that points to bamboo pegs being used to replace missing teeth 4,000 years ago in ancient China! Until the 1950s, when the first modern dental implant was introduced, materials like seashells, animal bones, and cadaver teeth were also used. Considering the lack of anesthetics and unhygienic materials, getting dental implants was likely unpleasant in more ways than one!

Dental Implants Today

Today, cutting-edge materials and innovative technology allow dental implants to hold an impressive 95% success rate. Currently, they are the only tooth replacement solution on the market that can effectively stimulate the jawbone to prevent deterioration. Plus, they are custom-made to match the size, shape, and color of the missing tooth to provide patients with a flawless smile. However, the rapid advancements in technology show no sign of stopping, which means the future of dental implants can take the sophisticated ones we know today to the next level!

An Inside Look Into the Future of Dental Implants

No one knows exactly what the future may hold. Nevertheless, the latest technology and innovations in dentistry indicate the future of dental implants is bright. In fact, computer-aided design and manufacturing (CAD-CAM) allow patients to view in-depth models of their teeth in record time. For the first time, patients can see the end result beforehand! Plus, the introduction of innovative treatment planning software allows dental teams to achieve ideal implant placement with maximum efficiency and ease.

Today, tooth loss is a prevalent concern that impacts over 120 million Americans. Fortunately, dental implants are ready to meet the need with the best materials and the latest technology. So, if you have gaps in your smile, there is no time like the present to talk to your dentist about dental implants!

About the Author

Since graduating from LSU School of Dentistry with his Doctor of Dental Surgery in 1982, Dr. C.J. Landry has helped countless patients rebuild their smiles. Whether you need a single dental implant or something more complex, Dr. Landry is ready to use his extensive education, advanced training, and patient-centered approach to care to restore your oral health and fill the gaps in your smile for good. If you are missing one or more teeth and looking for an implant dentist, visit his website or give him a call at 504-348-0080.

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