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4 Teeth-Cleaning Mistakes That Make Your Dentist Cringe

December 17, 2020

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From the sound of the dental tools to the smell of latex-free gloves, there are a number of things that can put you on edge while you’re getting dental work done. But have you ever thought about what makes your dentist cringe? While you might think you are in good standing as long as you brush regularly, there are a few poor teeth cleaning habits that make the hair on the back of their neck stand up. Read on to learn a few!

#1. You Ignore Your Gums

All too often, teeth are the center of attention when it comes to your oral hygiene routine, but your gums are equally as important. Neglecting them can lead to several dental concerns, including gum disease, which can result in tooth loss in severe cases. Therefore, make sure to gently clean your gums and along your gum line both morning and night, and never wrap up your regimen without flossing!

#2. You Go Overboard on Whitening Products

With over 85% of Americans reporting they want whiter teeth, it’s not surprising that teeth whitening is a multi-billion-dollar industry. However, going overboard with brightening products can do more harm than good, resulting in enamel erosion and tooth sensitivity. With this in mind, make sure to always follow the instructions on the label and talk to your dentist before trying any new products.

#3. You Don’t Replace Your Toothbrush

Just like you wouldn’t wash your dishes with a filthy sponge, you shouldn’t clean your teeth with a dirty toothbrush. Not only is it virtually ineffective, but it can continue to expose your mouth to the same bacteria over and over again. That’s why the American Dental Association recommends replacing it every three to four months. To help you remember, try setting a reminder in your phone!

#4. You Neglect to Brush Before Bed

At the end of a long day, it can be tempting to hop under the covers before completing your oral hygiene routine. However, this poor habit allows the food particles, plaque, and bacteria in your mouth to wreak havoc on your teeth and gums for the 7+ hours you sleep. To prevent that from happening, make sure to be diligent about brushing (and flossing!) your teeth before getting some shut-eye.

To keep your oral health in tip-top shape (and your dentist sane), make sure to avoid the above teeth cleaning mistakes. And, of course, visit your dental team every six months for a checkup and professional cleaning!

About the Author

Dr. C.J. Landry earned his dental doctorate at the LSU School of Dentistry, and over three decades later he is still just as passionate about helping people improve their oral health. Outside the office, he has completed over 1,000 hours of continuing education. Although this accomplishment is incredible on its own, it’s his compassionate demeanor and patient-driven approach to care that really makes him stand out from the rest. If you are interested in improving your oral hygiene regimen this year, don’t hesitate to visit his website or give him a call at 504-348-0080 to schedule an appointment!

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