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Will You Regret Getting a Root Canal?

July 14, 2022

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A woman who needs a root canal

Among dental treatments, root canal therapy tends to have a bad reputation. Pop culture portrays it as tedious at best and downright painful at worst. Consequently, many patients believe the procedure is something to avoid at all costs. You may even think you’d regret having it once it was over! However, these ideas have things backward — you’re far more likely to be glad you had treatment than anything else. As proof, here are three reasons why to trust a root canal in Marrero.

Most Patients Are Glad They Got One

For her Ph.D., Emma Wigsten of the University of Gothenburg studied root canal treatments in local dental practices. As part of that process, she surveyed 243 root canal patients over 1-3 years.

The survey’s results were striking. Half of the patients admitted to mild pain from their treated tooth during the follow-up period, but a whopping 87% approved of the procedure. More specifically, they didn’t regret their choice to get root canal therapy instead of an alternative.

Later, another of her studies showed that those who had treatment experienced improved quality of life.

A Root Canal Won’t Hurt

Besides patient approval, another good thing about root canals is that they’re almost painless.

You see, most dentists use numbing agents, general anesthesia, or both during the procedure. That way, you won’t feel pained or agitated as they drill your infected tooth.

As for why root canals look so awful in media? That’s just Hollywood being dramatic to sell movies and TV shows. The reality is far more gentle and safe.

A Root Canal Beats the Alternatives

While you may feel some soreness after a root canal, the treatment will leave you better off. It’ll relieve your severe toothache and other symptom caused by the dental infection.

Perhaps more importantly, having the procedure is better than leaving your issue untreated. In the latter case, your infection could spread to other body parts. It could even cause tooth loss and life-threatening problems.

It isn’t great that you need root canal therapy, but the treatment is still worthy of gratitude. Given the reasons above, it’s a solid choice that shouldn’t inspire regrets.

About the Practice

Lapalco Family Dental is found in Marrero, LA. The practice is known for its phenomenal dental service using the latest modern technology and the highest quality tools. To that end, staff offer excellent preventive, cosmetic, and restorative dentistry, including emergency root canal therapy. In case of dental anxiety, they can also provide dental sedation. For more information or to book an appointment, it can be reached at its website or by phone at (504)-348-0080.

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