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How to Enjoy the Holidays Without Ruining Your Teeth

November 23, 2022

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Some common holiday foods in Marrero

It’s nearly December now, so you might be prepping for end-of-year festivities. Perhaps you’re putting up Christmas decorations, or you’ve gotten ready to visit some relatives. Whatever your set-up, though, you likely plan to have some holiday foods in Marrero. As such, it’d be good to care for your oral health this winter. Otherwise, your meals might ruin your teeth and gums. That being said, then, your local dentist has some advice. Here’s a summary of four dental tips that’ll keep your smile safe for the holidays.

Go Easy on Sugary Treats

Having a few Christmastime sweets is fine, but eating too many will harm your mouth. Items like candy canes and gingerbread cookies are packed with tooth-decaying sugar. As the latter clings to your teeth, it attracts bacteria that erode your enamel over time.

Given these facts, protect your pearly whites by limiting your holiday treats for now.

Drink a Lot of Water

Along with sweet foods, holidays often involve beverages like soda, wine, and eggnog. However, these items aren’t the best for teeth.

For one thing, some of them are sugary. Soda and eggnog, especially, have a lot of sugar that erodes tooth enamel. As such, drinking too much of either can trigger cavities or worse.

On the other hand, wine is acidic and filled with tannins. Therefore, too many glasses can damage your teeth and even stain them.

Rather than these drinks, try having more water for the next few weeks. Not only is it free of sugar and acids, but it’ll also rinse out food debris from meals.

Don’t Use Your Teeth as Tools

It’s easy to loosen up over the holidays, but you still shouldn’t use your teeth as tools. Biting down on candy canes or hard nuts can cause tooth damage, leading to cracks. Likewise, opening packages with your teeth will wear away at your enamel. In such cases, therefore, use the proper tools, whether a nutcracker or a pair of scissors.

Take Your Dental Care To-Go

If you plan to travel for Thanksgiving or Christmas, you might be tempted to skip oral care.  After all, staying at a new place (even for a little while) can upset your routines. To make hygiene easier, then, tuck a tiny dental kit in your travel bag. Make sure it includes travel toothpaste, a small, collapsible toothbrush, and mini-floss.

As you can see, holiday foods can hurt your oral health if you aren’t careful. Avoid that outcome by following the dental tips listed above.

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