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What Are the 3 Different Kinds of Sleep Apnea?

June 24, 2019

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husband snoring and keeping wife awake

You’re sitting in traffic on your way to work. You’re on your second cup of coffee, but you still don’t feel awake. You find yourself dozing off temporarily, jerking yourself awake after a second or two. Even though you know you should be wide awake by now, especially because you’re driving, you just can’t shake this exhaustion that consistently bothers you. Does this sound familiar? You might have sleep apnea, a condition that causes you to stop breathing while you sleep. Let’s look at the 3 different types of sleep apnea.


Tips from an Emergency Dentist: Handling Tooth Trouble on the Road

June 13, 2019

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woman in beachwear with toothacheDental emergencies are always unpleasant, and oftentimes they can be frightening as well. They are even worse if one occurs when you are away from home — and away from a dentist you know and trust. What should you do if you find yourself in such a situation? An emergency dentist is here to give you some useful advice.


Are Your Dentures Affecting Your Daily Life? Improve Your Quality of Life with Dental Implants

May 16, 2019

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couple smilingDuring your last family get-together, in the middle of speaking to one of your relatives that traveled across the country to be there, your dentures slipped. Your face flushed red because you just slurred your words and didn’t know how to shift the focus of the conversation back to the original topic. After you gave up trying to hold a conversation without becoming embarrassed, you sat on the couch next to the snack table your relative had made. The smorgasbord included some of your favorites like nuts and carrots, but you couldn’t even enjoy them without worrying about causing your dentures to shift. You can improve your quality of life and enjoy everything you did before with dental implants. Read on for 4 benefits they can offer you! (more…)

Do I Really Need to Replace My Back Teeth? Why Dental Implants Are Important

May 8, 2019

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missing back tooth

If you’re missing a front tooth, everyone can tell immediately. Its visible position creates an obvious and noticeable gap in your smile. In this situation, you definitely want to replace that tooth. But what about when you’re missing a back tooth? Only a few people would likely realize that the gap is back there, so does it really need to be replaced? Although back teeth do not affect your smile’s aesthetics, they are extremely important and need to be replaced if you lose them. Keep reading this post to understand why and how getting dental implants can restore you your smile’s full function, health, strength, and beauty. (more…)

Your Dentist Says Don’t Ignore These 5 Stages of Tooth Decay!

April 18, 2019

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woman holding his jaw in pain

One of the amazing things about the human body is that it will usually send several warning messages for844 an existing problem. This phenomenon also applies to your oral health and the advancement of tooth decay. The key is to be able to recognize the signs and to have the resolve to take the necessary action. As a preventive aid, your dentist lists the 5 stages of bacteria growth so you can protect yourself.


Did You Know That Gum Disease Can Affect Your Heart?

April 4, 2019

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Woman showing red gumsGum disease is a common problem in the US and around the world. This infection and inflammation of your gums can lead to serious oral health issues that are as severe as tooth loss and bone deterioration. However, recent studies now show that gum disease can impact the health of your heart. Keep reading to learn about the influence that the health of your gums can have on your cardiovascular wellbeing from an expert dentist.


Here are Some Tips from a Dentist for Dealing with Dental Emergencies

March 29, 2019

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Man holding his cheekDental emergencies can occur at any time. Knowing how to do when they strike can prevent needless discomfort until the injured party can see a dentist. Helpful tips include: using cold to reduce swelling, keeping over-the-counter pain relievers on hand, and using a piece of sugar-free candy or gum as an impromptu cavity filling.


Your Implant Dentist Explains 4 Myths About Dental Implants

March 14, 2019

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Beautiful older woman smilingDental implants provide patients with benefits that you can’t get with other solutions. However, people are avoiding this treatment because of the myths and misinformation that are floating around about dental implants. Before forgoing this treatment based on rumors, it’s important that you know the truth from an expert implant dentist. Keep reading to learn 4 myths about dental implants and the truth behind them.


4 Reasons Why You Shouldn’t Avoid the Dentist

February 25, 2019

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man thumb up dentist chair

You take care of your mouth by brushing and flossing every day. You don’t need a cleaning just yet. Perhaps you think you can wait to see the dentist until you have a problem. Think again! Your visits to the dentist are about so much more than a cleaning. You have access to an experienced, trained dental health professional who can recognize signs of oral problems, even in their early stages. By attending these checkup appointments, you are able to stop these problems before they have the chance to cause significant damage. (more…)

5 Foods That Can Help Fight Gum Disease with Your Dentist

February 7, 2019

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man healthy food

You probably already know that certain foods can help or hinder your overall health, but did you know that there are certain foods that are actually good for your mouth? It’s true! This February, which is National Gum Disease Awareness Month, take an opportunity to learn more from your dentist about these 5 foods that can actually help you protect your gum health. (more…)

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