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Common Reasons For Tooth Extraction [INFOGRAPHIC]

September 9, 2017

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For Dr. Landry, saving your natural tooth is always the ideal. But there are times when that just isn’t possible.

Today’s infographic shows you a few common reasons that we might need to pull your tooth for the good of your smile and your oral health overall.

If you’re in the Marrero area and think you might be in need of a tooth extraction, give us a call at 504-264-6461 today or fill out our online form to schedule an appointment.

Free Yourself From Fear Of The Dentist [BLOG]

July 17, 2017

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July is when we get to celebrate our country’s independence, and our team at Lapalco Family Dental is giving you another reason to celebrate!

We want you to finally free yourself from the fear and anxiety that’s been keeping you out of the dentist’s chair for too long. Millions of Americans suffer from dental anxiety to the extent that it compromises their oral and overall health. With all the advances in dentistry over the last few decades, there just isn’t a good reason to let that fear hold your health hostage anymore.

That’s why today’s blog is dedicated to answering a couple of the most common questions patients have about dental anxiety and how you can overcome it.

Question #1: If I’m not in pain, why does it matter if I skip routine dental checkups?

This is perfectly reasonable question and one that we hear quite a bit. One of the reasons you should never skip dental cleanings and exams is that not every dental problem comes with noticeable symptoms like pain and discomfort.

A great example of this is gum disease. This is an insidious infection that can sneak up on you. There are three main stages of gum disease, the earliest of which is gingivitis. It can take many years for the disease to advance to its most serious stage, and by then, you’re at serious risk for overall health problems like diabetes, heart disease, and stroke, not to mention tooth loss.

Gum disease can come with various symptoms like red, swollen, tender, or bleeding gums. But unfortunately, there are some cases where a person with gum disease won’t show any symptoms at all. That’s why you need to have your teeth and gums thoroughly cleaned and examined by a professional on a regular basis.

With prevention and early detection, you can ultimately save your teeth, save your smile, and save your life.

Question #2: How can I get over my intense fear of the dentist?

Once you understand the importance of regular dental checkups, your next question almost always centers around how you can go about making that first step toward conquering your fears.

It’s actually so much easier than most people realize. Dentistry has come so far thanks to modern technology. Many procedures that were painful in the past simply aren’t painful anymore. The tools and techniques Dr. Landry uses here in our Marrero dental office allow us to provide a far more comfortable experience in the dentist’s chair than you’ve probably had in years past.

But it’s not just the technology that’s changed the face of dentistry. Now, you can rely on sedation options to help you feel calm and relaxed while you receive treatment. Although we do offer nitrous oxide, which has been a widely popular method for many years, our options in oral sedation have been incredibly effective in helping patients conquer their dental anxiety.

With oral sedation, you can take a pill prior to your procedure that will allow you to get and stay comfortable throughout your treatment. Even though you’re awake and aware of what’s happening, the medicine takes the edge off and helps you feel completely relaxed. Sedation gives you the courage to get the dental care you need to keep your teeth, gums, and smile as healthy and beautiful as possible.

Now it’s our turn to ask the questions! Are you ready to break free from your dental anxiety so you can get and stay healthy? With our technology, our gentle, patient-centered approach, and our sedation options, you have absolutely no reason to fear our team of caring professionals!

Let us help you celebrate your independence from dental fear this summer! Give us a call at 504-264-6461 today or fill out our online form.

How To Keep Your Summer Smile Healthy [INFOGRAPHIC]

July 9, 2017

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Our team at Lapalco Family Dental wants to help you and your family keep your smiles healthy while you battle the summer heat.

Today’s infographic lists some of the ways you can protect your teeth, gums, and oral health overall!

We also want you to count on us for help! Schedule your family’s dental cleanings and exams by giving us a call at 504-264-6461 today, or you can fill out our online form.

The Summer Smile Dangers Of Dehydration [BLOG]

June 18, 2017

Summer is finally here! That means barbecues, baseball games, picnics, and trips to the local swimming pool with the kids. With so much fun to be had in the fresh outdoors, it’s hard to remember that there could be risks to our oral health.

Dr. Landry and our team at Lapalco Family Dental have that covered in today’s blog, so you don’t have to worry about it. Today, we’re talking about the dangers that dehydration can pose to your healthy summer smile.

With a little help from our Marrero dental staff, you can better protect your oral health from dehydration while you’re out enjoying time with the family in the heat of the summer months.

All That Saliva Can Do

Being dehydrated is bad for your overall health, certainly. You know about the importance of staying hydrated to avoid things like dizziness or heat stroke. But many of us don’t know what dehydration can do to your teeth.

The most obvious problem is that it causes dry mouth. Saliva is definitely among the unsung heroes of your oral health. It’s easy to forget how important it is to a healthy smile. But let’s take a moment to ‘brush up’ (you’re welcome!) on all that saliva does for you:

Saliva Keeps Your Breath Fresh

Believe it or not, the human body comes equipped with its own mouthwash factory. Saliva production helps wash away debris that food and drinks leave behind to keep your teeth, gums, and tongue clean and your breath nice and fresh.

Saliva Keeps The Stains Away

Did you know that saliva is like a protective shield for your teeth? It’s true! It keeps a coating of protection on your enamel so that dark pigments from things like pasta sauce, coffee, and red wine aren’t able to stick to your teeth and stain them.

Saliva Keeps Your Enamel Strong

Another way your saliva protects your teeth is by shielding your enamel with its calcium and other trace minerals. This helps to keep your enamel healthy and strong.

Saliva Keeps Cavities And Gum Disease At Bay

As we mentioned before, saliva helps wash away debris left after you eat or drink, so along with keeping your mouth clean and your breath fresh, saliva gets rid of all that harmful bacteria that would otherwise feast on food particles and sugar, which would lead to things like decay, cavities, and gum disease.

All That Dehydration Can Do

Now that you know the ways saliva protects your healthy mouth, let’s take a look at how your smile could potentially suffer without it! Dehydration, and resulting dry mouth, could cause all sorts of problems for your teeth.

It Weakens Your Tooth Enamel

Along with strengthening your tooth enamel, saliva helps remineralize it and repair damage you don’t even see. But when you’re dehydrated, there isn’t enough saliva to do all of that. As a result, your enamel can erode, growing weaker as that happens.

It Gives You Bad Breath

Without saliva acting as your body’s natural mouthwash, all the debris from food and sugary drinks will just hang out in your mouth. If your teeth, gums, and tongue aren’t kept clean with enough saliva, your breath will start to smell bad.

It Leads To Gum Disease

Dry mouth can increase your risk of gum disease. This is because bacteria in your mouth feeds on the food particles and sugar left behind after you eat. Without saliva to wash those particles away, the bacteria will create acids as it feeds. Once the acids have eaten through your teeth, they move on and can attack your gums.

Gum disease can eventually lead to tooth loss if it goes untreated. That’s why the ripple effect of dehydration can lead to much more serious dental problems over time.

It Causes Cavities

In the same way dry mouth can lead to gum disease, it can lead to cavities. Again, the bacteria feeds off food particles and other debris, and the acids created from that process create holes, or cavities, in your teeth.

Make An Appointment!

Protecting your teeth and gums throughout the summer months is a team effort. Our Marrero dental staff is here to help you! Call us today at 504-264-6461 or fill out our online form to schedule an a routine dental cleaning and exam with Dr. Landry.


Lapalco Family Dental Respects Your Time [VIDEO]

May 1, 2017

What comes to mind when you picture a family dentist? Probably not anything you’ll see in our Lapalco Family Dental office in Marrero, LA!

That’s because our dentist, Dr. Landry, is a laid-back, friendly professional who easily helps our patients feel comfortable and right at home. Our caring staff do all we can to make your experience with us a positive one.

Just listen to what Ronnie has to say. Ronnie has been a long time patient of ours, and here, she talks about how she appreciates how we respect her time during appointments and why she prefers our family dental practice over anyone else.

Come and see for yourself! Give us a call at 504-264-6461 today or fill out our online form to schedule an appointment.

Reduce Your Risk of Oral Cancer [INFOGRAPHIC]

April 18, 2017

April is Oral Cancer Awareness Month, so our caring team wants to make sure you know all about reducing your oral cancer risks. There’s no proven way to prevent oral cancers, but there certainly are things you can do to lower your risk significantly.

Check out today’s infographic about reducing your risks, and then make sure to schedule your routine dental cleaning and exam with Dr. Landry and our team of professionals at Lapalco Family Dental. We offer oral cancer screenings as part of our general dentistry services!

Give us a call today at 504-264-6461 today or fill out our online form to schedule an appointment. Make sure you ask about making an oral cancer screening a part of your routine checkup!

Preventive Dentistry Is Worth The Effort

April 28, 2016

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Welcome to the online home of Lapalco Family Dental!

Since you are here, you must enjoy reading oral health blogs.That’s great! We love encountering patients (or potential patients) in our Marrero, Louisiana dental practice who thirst for knowledge.

Here’s a (not so) fun fact for you: tooth decay is second only to the common cold as the most rampant disease in America! But some folks have a laid-back attitude about cavities. We fight this all the time. Our team sees evidence of decay, and patients think, “I’m going to take care of it but only when it starts to bother me.”

That’s the wrong response! You see, when it starts to bother you, it’s too late. It likely means that the decay is now down to the nerve and you will need to have a root canal or an extraction done. Make no mistake: it is always more expensive to put off general preventive dentistry solutions than it is to take care of things now.

Because every mouth is different and cavity risk varies from patient to patient, we typically recommend a personalized preventive dentistry regimen for anyone already entrusted to our care.

Do Your Homework!

We can tell you that prevention, as it relates to your dental health, necessarily begins at home. What are you putting in your body? Are you consuming foods and beverages that are loaded with the sort of sugars that decay-causing bacteria thrives on?

Are you brushing every day? How many times a day? And for how long? The American Dental Association thinks that you should be doing this for two minutes, at least twice. It wouldn’t hurt to do it more than that, when you are able!

Are you flossing? Rinsing with mouthwash? Why wouldn’t you? Take note that these steps will go a long way towards keeping you out of trouble!

Beyond all that, having a good dentist in your life is going to be key.

At Lapalco Family Dental, we have things at our disposal that you don’t have access to in your medicine cabinet. Our high-powered teeth cleanings can eradicate all the tartar, plaque, food, and so forth, that is left behind in spite of your most diligent efforts to keep your mouth clean.

Just remember, as long as we are given the opportunity to regularly stay on top of your preventive dental needs, you won’t have much to worry about!

If we determine over the course of your checkup that you are at an increased risk of developing cavities, for whatever reason, we may recommend dental sealants, special toothpastes, mouth rinses, and brushes along with more frequent cleaning appointments.

The other thing that we might suggest is a fluoride treatment. Along with everything else you are doing, such a treatment can help keep decay at bay, rebuild damaged parts of your teeth, and strengthen your tooth enamel.

Besides offering fluoride treatment and dental sealants during the cavity-prone years, we can also create custom night guards to relieve pressure and prevent premature wear caused by teeth grinding.

See What Preventive Dentistry Can Do For You!

Call us at 504-264-6461 to get started!

Six Month Smiles Will Make Your Smile

April 18, 2016

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Hello! Thanks for stopping by the virtual dental office of Lapalco Family Dental.

We proudly serve Marrero, Louisiana and nearby communities. So, if you are looking for a family dentist in the region, you should come check us out.

Around here, we do a little bit of everything. We are well-versed in the science but our style is folksy and approachable. Like we said, we offer comprehensive solutions aimed at meeting your ever-changing dental needs, because we know that keeping your mouth clean is important, but so is delivering the best possible smile.

What sets us apart is our commitment to investing in modern technology and to providing exceptional dental care. You’ll soon see that we genuinely care about our patients.

No matter how old you are, we are of the opinion that it is never too late to start working towards a better smile. In fact, we make it easier than ever for adult patients to straighten out crooked, overcrowded, and gapped teeth. We’d love to turn you on to a great new solution known as Six Month Smiles!

With Six Month Smiles, we’re basically looking to help people that are unhappy with the front of their smile. If you chew adequately, have no headaches, but just have those few teeth in the front that you’re unhappy with, this might be the solution for you.

Cosmetic Orthodontics In Louisiana

Sure the name is catchy. But you may be wondering, what can be done for a messy set of teeth in just six months? Lots! While it does depend on the severity of your issues, with Six Month Smiles, your unruly smile can generally be completely transformed in a handful of months (as the name implies).

You know, sometimes in orthodontics we’re talking four to five years of wearing braces. But we’re only talking six to eight months in braces with this method. We’ve seen many wonderful results, and everybody has been happy with it. We really can’t say enough about it.

Six Month Smiles is a great new teeth-straightening method that is certainly as effective as metal braces and as subtle as Invisalign aligners.

We are confident that you will love that this system relies on nearly invisible brackets and tooth-colored wires to gently and quickly move your teeth to the places we want them to be.

This modern treatment only takes a fraction of the time that traditional braces would require, and no one will ever know you are a work-in-progress. Short treatment time means better compliance and less discomfort. Six Month Smiles is also typically more affordable than traditional braces, aligners and veneers. So there you go! What are you waiting for? The clock is ticking!

Let’s Get Started!

At Lapalco Family Dental, YOU are the top priority. We strive to make every visit as rewarding as possible. Contact us right away to learn more about what short-term orthodontics can do for you! Call 504-264-6461 to speak to a member of our team about Six Month Smiles!

No More Waiting With CEREC Dental Crowns In Marrero, LA

April 5, 2016

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Welcome back to the Lapalco Family Dental blog!

Our philosophy has always been to provide old-fashioned service with modern technology. And that supports our mission, which is to make it easy for folks in the Marrero, LA area to achieve healthy, great-looking smiles.

We know that the thought of transforming your smile can seem daunting, especially before you see just how convenient we can make it.

Your mind will be consumed by the particulars. How many visits will you need to make to your dentist’s office? How long will each session take? How much will it set you back financially? Is it worth the hassle? We realize that these are all valid questions and concerns.

Lucky for you, there is a no-hassle, affordable solution: CEREC same-day dental crowns. In just one simple trip to our office, the gifted team here can create a dental crown for you that looks and functions like a natural tooth.

As your trusted partner for oral health, we’ve got you covered when it comes to smile transformations. We hope you sense that we value your time as much as you do, and we wouldn’t want to ever waste any of it unnecessarily. That’s why we invested heavily in CEREC dental crown technology. This is a newfangled system that offers our patients an easy, reliable way to fix a score of dental issues.

We should probably mention that CEREC is medical shorthand for Chairside Economical Restoration of Esthetic Ceramics. Don’t worry, we don’t expect you to remember all that. Just remember that what CEREC means for you is that we can now accomplish in about an hour what may take several weeks at another dentist’s practice.

Around here, the CEREC process begins when we make a digital impression of the tooth or teeth that need work. We then reshape the tooth into an abutment that will support your dental crown.

In earlier eras, and even now at other dental offices, this would require sending your impression to a laboratory. The lab will then craft a dental crown for you as soon as they can get around to filling that order. Unfortunately, it could be weeks before they are able to get to your dental crown and send it back to the dentist. All the while, you’ll be left to wait around and deal with it.

Amazingly, with CEREC, we can now avoid that inconvenience by doing it all in-house, which saves you from having to make an extra trip to the dentist. With CEREC, we use our on-site milling machine to craft your dental crown while you wait.

With the help of modern computer software, we are able to send a digital impression of your teeth to the CEREC machine. The machine turns that information into a dental crown for you.

Essentially, what we are saying is that you can walk into our office with a tooth that has been bothering you, and go home with a natural-looking, more comfortable smile.

We told you it was easy!

You can now fix any number of dental problems without a big commitment of time and money. Our CEREC crowns can quickly repair the appearance of your teeth and restore your biting power. This means that you will be able to smile without embarrassment, and you can eat the foods you love without having to worry.

Make It Happen!

We can’t wait to get started! Even though we offer fast, convenient service, we want it to feel like when you come to visit, it’s really a visit. We talk about your friends, family, how the kids are, and while you’re here we’ll get a little dental work done at the same time. How does that sound?

Contact us today to hear more about what CEREC technology can do for you!