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How To Restore Your Smile In One Day [BLOG]

September 18, 2017

One of the reasons patients tell us they waited so long to seek help for their smile problems is because they felt intimidated and overwhelmed by the process. That’s understandable because when you have major problems with your teeth, or are missing teeth entirely, it can be scary to think about how you could possibly come back from that kind of devastation to your oral health.

How many procedures would you have to endure? How long would all of it take? Or even more frightening, how painful would it be? Many people who’ve lost teeth, for example, let their oral health get off track because they were scared to go to the dentist in the first place. So all these roadblocks make sense.

But Dr. Landry and our team at Lapalco Family Dental want you to know you can restore your smile to its original glory, and you can do it in only one visit to our Marrero dental office!

We’ll explain how we can do that in a minute, but first, let’s talk about the reasons you shouldn’t put off fixing your dental problems any longer.

Reason #1 – You’ll look great and feel even better!

A damaged smile is embarrassing, there’s no question. The damage starts with your teeth in the form of chips, cracks, breaks, and tooth loss. But from there, the damage becomes emotional. You’re ashamed of your smile, so naturally, you avoid social interaction or any situation where you’d risk revealing the unsightly smile problems you have.

A smile that’s plagued with problems can also send a message that you’re lazy or that you don’t care about your health, which in most cases, couldn’t be further from the truth!

All of this can have a devastating effect on your emotional and physical health. Getting the dental treatment you need will not only give you an attractive smile, but it will give you a much needed boost in self-confidence to enjoy your life.  

Reason #2 – You can enjoy foods you’ve avoided for years!

If you’re missing teeth or have loose, shifting teeth, it will inevitably affect your ability to eat certain foods. Empty spaces or even dental pain will have an adverse effect on your nutrition. The changes to your diet then begin this domino effect of poor nutrition, and of course, poor health overall.

Restoring your smile will allow you to have fully-functioning teeth so you can eat enjoy the foods you love and maintain more nutritional balance for better health.

Reason #3 – You’ll reclaim your oral health and avoid problems in the future!

When it comes to your teeth and gums, letting even minor issues go untreated leads to serious problems down the road. So when you replace missing teeth or fix damaged teeth, you’re reclaiming your oral health once and for all. You’ll have strong, durable, and lasting restorations that will allow you to brush and floss with ease.

How Can We Restore Your Smile In One Day?

In our Marrero dental office, we house the latest in advanced technology so you can get the care you need without being sent to multiple specialists over a long stretch of appointments.

CEREC Same-Day Restorations – Our CEREC technology has completely changed the way we do dentistry! It allows us to create and place your restorations while you’re right there in the dental chair! In only one visit, we can custom create dental solutions such as:

-Dental Crowns

-Dental Veneers

-Dental Bridges

Another advantage of this same-day technology is that it cuts down the number of appointments you would need for dental implants and implant-retained dentures because the restorations you would need for each process can be done in one visit. CEREC gives patients more options in a convenient, hassle-free way.

Schedule An Appointment

We hope that what you’ve read has made you see some light at what moments ago was probably a very dark tunnel. Now you know there is a dental office that houses the kind of advanced technology to restore your smile in a faster, more convenient way than ever before!

You don’t have to be intimidated by your dental problems or put off treatment for one more day.

Give us a call at 504-264-6461 today or fill out our online form to schedule an appointment to restore your smile!

How Do Dental Implants Help Your Smile? [INFOGRAPHIC]

June 9, 2017

Dental implants are revolutionizing modern dentistry. That’s why we’re sharing today’s infographic with you. At Lapalco Family Dental, Dr. Landry and our skilled team want you to be aware of the ways dental implants can radically improve and restore your smile!

If you are missing one tooth, or several teeth, consider dental implants from our Marrero dental office. Call us today at 504-264-6461 or fill out our online form to schedule an appointment with Dr. Landry to see if this is the right tooth replacement option for you!

How Does CEREC One Day Crowns Work? [INFOGRAPHIC]

May 9, 2017

When your tooth is in need of repair, whether it’s a dental crown or bridge, the last thing you want to worry about is walking around with a temporary restoration while you wait for a permanent one to be made.

The good news is that at Lapalco Family Dental in Marrero, LA, you don’t have to! Take a look at today’s infographic about how our CEREC one-day crown technology works.

Trust your restorative dentistry needs to our team at Lapalco Family Dental. Give us a call at 504-264-6461 today or fill out our online form to schedule an appointment.

Lapalco Family Dental Respects Your Time [VIDEO]

May 1, 2017

What comes to mind when you picture a family dentist? Probably not anything you’ll see in our Lapalco Family Dental office in Marrero, LA!

That’s because our dentist, Dr. Landry, is a laid-back, friendly professional who easily helps our patients feel comfortable and right at home. Our caring staff do all we can to make your experience with us a positive one.

Just listen to what Ronnie has to say. Ronnie has been a long time patient of ours, and here, she talks about how she appreciates how we respect her time during appointments and why she prefers our family dental practice over anyone else.

Come and see for yourself! Give us a call at 504-264-6461 today or fill out our online form to schedule an appointment.

CEREC Crowns: Your Same-Day Solution! [BLOG]

April 26, 2017

One of the most common and multifaceted restorations in dentistry today is the dental crown. It’s a tooth-colored cap that covers, restores, and protects damaged, decayed, or weakened teeth. Crowns can be used to fix all sorts of dental problems, such as:

-Restore teeth that are too damaged for traditional fillings

-Protect a tooth after a root canal procedure

-Change the shape or appearance of a tooth

-Replace old, worn, failing or broken restorations

Placing dental crowns has traditionally involved several steps and multiple visits to your dentist.  A dentist has to prepare the tooth, take an impression, and then place a temporary crown while you wait for your permanent crown to be made. Once it’s been fabricated, you return to the dentist to have your permanent crown placed.

When you consider the way dentists used to deal with problems, using tooth extraction as the primary method of solving dental issues like large cavities or teeth in need of root canals, it makes today’s common dental crown placement procedure seem like a dream!

But the truth is, modern technology allows our team at Lapalco Family Dental to make dental crowns faster and more convenient than ever. Our skilled dentist, Dr. Landry, uses the latest in advanced technology, known as CEREC, to design, create, and place your dental crowns in only one day!

Here are just some of the advantages of our CEREC same-day crown technology:

One Convenient Appointment – As we mentioned earlier, typically dental crowns require you to make multiple visits to your dentist.  CEREC cuts that time significantly down to one convenient dental appointment.

You come in for your morning appointment where our experienced team will prepare your tooth, then we can design and create your crown while you wait. After a few hours, you walk out of our office with a permanent solution, all without having to sacrifice more time away from work or family than you need to.

No Wasted Time Or Money On A Temporary Fix – CEREC technology allows you to eliminate the need for a temporary crown altogether. This is good news, especially to those of you who’ve had to deal with them before. They’re tight, uncomfortable, and unsightly. Did we mention that they aren’t as secure as permanent crowns, either?

And not that this happens often, but temporary crowns can also leak or become dislodged, damaging the very tooth it was meant to protect. With same-day permanent crowns at Lapalco Family Dental, you don’t have to deal with that risk at all!

No More Impressions That Test Your Gag Reflex – If you’ve ever had the privilege of having a dentist take an impression of your teeth, you might easily recall how unpleasant an experience it can be. It can test your gag reflex and make you feel like you’re going to choke. It can be terribly uncomfortable for some people, and who can blame them?

With our CEREC technology, Dr. Landry takes a 3D scan of your teeth instead and sends those images to the CEREC computer. That’s where your permanent crown is custom designed, and then it’s off to the milling device that carves out your new comfortable, strong, and natural-looking crown.  

A Customized, More Comfortable Fit – The other advantage of a digital impression over the goopy, gag-inducing impressions is accuracy. Advanced technology like CEREC allows us to create the perfect size to fit you because the margin for error is incredibly small. A better fitting permanent crown will feel natural and make it easier to maintain proper oral hygiene.

A Natural-Looking, More Attractive Restoration – As if CEREC weren’t already a modern marvel, it also comes with a shade chart that allows us to perfectly match the new crown to your natural teeth. We want to protect teeth and oral health with crowns that blend in with your natural smile.  If we’ve done our job well, no one will be able to tell you’ve had any work done!

When you need a dental crown, trust a team that’s committed to giving their patients the most advanced, effective treatment options in dentistry.  Give Lapalco Family Dental a call today at 504-264-6461 today or fill out our online form to schedule an appointment.


Dental Implants: Replace Your Teeth, Resume Your Life [PHOTO]

April 9, 2017

You don’t have to accept missing teeth as just another part of aging. At Lapalco Family Dental in Marrero, LA, we give our patients the latest in teeth replacement options to help you resume the quality of life you had before.

Look at this photo diagram of how dental implants work. Dr. Landry and our highly skilled, experienced team have used dental implants to help many patients regain their smiles, restore the functionality of their teeth, and even to prevent bone loss.

Time and again, dental implants prove to be one of the greatest teeth replacement options in modern dentistry. Do you imagine a healthier, more beautiful smile for yourself?

Why not call Lapalco Family Dental today at 504-264-6461 or fill out our online form to schedule a consultation and find out if dental implants will work for you!

dental_implants_3_ Lapalco Family Dental _ Marrero, LA

Same-Day Crowns At Your Marrero Dental Office [VIDEO]

April 1, 2017

Instead of walking out of our office with an uncomfortable temporary crown, we can place your dental crown the same day we prepare it, thanks to our marvelous CEREC technology!

Today, Dr. Landry talks about the remarkable time-saving convenience of our modern technology here at Lapalco Family Dental. We help our patients receive high quality dental care they need quickly and efficiently. That’s what you can expect when you trust us with all your restorative dental needs.

How can Dr. Landry and our experienced, caring team help you today? Give us a call at 504-264-6461 today or fill out our online form to schedule an appointment.

Why Dental Implants Are Great Ideas

November 17, 2016

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You do not need to live with a missing tooth. You deserve a full smile so you can look, talk, and chew like you used to. Call us today at 504-264-6461 and schedule an appointment for dental implants. These restorative dentistry treatments fill those gaps in your smile with a beautiful replacement tooth. The dental implant procedure is routine thanks to Dr. Landry’s skill and experience.

You can have a full set of teeth. You just need to call us at 504-264-6461 first.

4 Solid Reasons Why You’ll Love CEREC Dental Crowns

November 1, 2016

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When you look at your teeth in the mirror, do you wish you could do something about those chips, cracks, or missing teeth? Call us at 504-264-6461 to schedule your next appointment for dental crowns. Dr. Landry is your dentist in Marrero, LA with modern training and old-fashioned customer service. Plus, you can get your dental crown in one day thanks to our CEREC technology.

Why You Can Need A Dental Crown

Dental crowns are caps that cover your teeth. They’re made to look and feel like a healthy version of the tooth they cover. Each one is custom-made to fit your particular tooth. Dental crowns can be used to correct:

* Stains
* Chips
* Cracks
* Weak or thin enamel
* Missing teeth

When it comes to restoring your smile, dental crowns do a lot. That’s why you should call our Marrero, LA dental office today and make an appointment. Dr. Landry takes continuing education courses each year to stay fresh and learn the latest techniques. With his help, your smile can look great with dental crowns.

CEREC Technology So You Don’t Wait Weeks

In some dental offices, getting a dental crown can take weeks. That’s because the crown has to be made in an off-site lab. A dentist takes measurements, sends them to the lab, and a few weeks later, it finally arrives.

Lapalco Family Dental can get your crown ready the same day as your appointment. How can we do it that quickly? Because we have our own CEREC machine in our Marrero, LA dental office. CEREC stands for “Ceramic Reconstruction.” Dr. Landry enters the measurements, and the CEREC machine literally makes your dental crown while you wait.

Not every dental office in the area has CEREC technology. Dr. Landry is dedicated to using new but proved dental technologies, which is why we have CEREC here.

4 Reasons People Love CEREC One-Day Dental Crowns

But what can CEREC dental crowns specifically do for you? Here are four reasons people love this restorative dentistry treatment.

1. CEREC dental crowns repair and protect teeth with chips or cracks in the enamel.

The enamel on your teeth is durable, but it can get banged up over the years. You can get injured in sports, take a fall down the stairs, land hard while riding a bike, and more. All of that can lead to chipped and cracked enamel.

Call us today and schedule your appointment for CEREC dental crowns. Dr. Landry has years of experience with dental crowns, so he knows how to make sure they will look and fit well in your smile. Chips and cracks will be hidden and sealed up so they don’t get any worse.

2. CEREC dental crowns repair cavities that grew too big for a dental filling.

Normally, cavities are repaired by a filling. However, that only works if you catch the cavity in time. Cavities continue to grow until a dentist can remove the eroded enamel and seal up the damage. Since there are no nerve endings in your enamel, it’s not hard to have a cavity grow too big for a filling.

That’s why you need to call our Marrero, LA dental office today for CEREC dental crowns. These can repair large cavities so you can eat normally again. Thanks to our CEREC technology, you can get your dental crown in one day instead of weeks.

3. CEREC dental crowns can replace missing teeth as part of a dental bridge or dental implant.

When you’re missing a tooth or two, things can be tough. You probably don’t like your smile anymore. Certain foods are harder to eat as well. Dental bridges and dental implants both use CEREC dental crowns to replace missing teeth.

By calling our Marrero, LA dental office today, you can get an appointment for a CEREC dental crown. Dr. Landry has advanced training and knows how to carefully replace lost teeth with dental bridges or dental implants. Your smile can soon be complete.

4. CEREC dental crowns strengthen a tooth after a root canal.

When the bacteria behind cavities get inside your tooth, it can be painful. Worse, it can make your tooth weak and eventually need to be extracted. Root canals are not painful! They can remove the infection and save the tooth. Afterward, a CEREC dental crown can be placed over that tooth so it’s strong again.

Dr. Landry has the right mix of training and experience to use CEREC dental crowns effectively. Plus, you won’t have to wait weeks for the crown to arrive since Dr. Landry makes them right here in our Marrero, LA dental office.

Call us TODAY at 504-264-6461 for your next appointment for dental crowns. Whether you need to repair damage, replace missing teeth, or strengthen a weak tooth, our CEREC dental crowns can be just what you need.

4 Ways Restorative Dentistry Could Help You

May 22, 2016

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Your cousin recently had a root canal treatment.

Your father just got a set of implant-supported dentures.

One of your neighbors just got a dental crown.

And you received a filling to fix a cavity.

What do you all have in common? All of you have benefitted from restorative dentistry.

This is exactly what it sounds like. It’s the field of dentistry devoted to restoring your teeth to something similar to their original condition.

Restorative care is one of the many services we offer at our dental center in Marrero, LA. Today we will discuss four ways that restorative dentistry and Lapalco Family Dental could help you or someone you love.

▶︎ Root Canal Treatment

Toothaches are a problem. When you have an infected tooth, your morning coffee or an ice cream cone on a hot afternoon can be a source of pain.

The infections that require a root canal treatment occur when bacteria reaches the inside of your tooth. The bacteria can cause the soft pulp to become inflamed, which can create the pain you are feeling. This may be a constant, lingering pain, and the pain may be sharper at particular times.

A root canal can correct the problem and alleviate your pain. During this treatment, our dentist will remove the infected pulp along with the nerves and blood vessels from the inside of your tooth.

After cleaning your tooth, he will add a special material and seal the tooth to reduce your risk of reinfection. Your pain should go away, and you should be able to enjoy a hot cup of coffee once again.

▶︎ Implant-Supported Dentures

Millions of people throughout the United States are missing at least one row of teeth. Many of them settle for traditional dentures, which restore the appearance of their smiles and a fraction of their chewing power.

Whenever possible, we recommend implant-supported dentures instead. Rather than just replace the part of your lost or missing teeth, why not replace the whole thing?

Dental implants have been created to replace the lost roots of your teeth. This provides more stability and security for your dentures.

You will restore your smile, and you won’t have to worry about your dentures slipping out of place. And you will be able to eat anything that you want, just like you could when you had all your teeth.

▶︎ Dental Crowns

Our teeth can be damaged in a lot of ways.

You could fall or get hit in the mouth and part of a tooth could break loose. You could bite into a nut or an unpopped popcorn kernel and find that you have chipped your tooth as a result.

You also may have neglected your oral hygiene and developed a cavity that has gotten so bad, that your tooth is starting to turn black.

Instead of ignoring these problems, you can fix them with a dental crown.

We can reshape your tooth by removing the parts of your tooth that have been damaged by a break, chip, or tooth decay. In this process, we are saving the healthy parts of your tooth and creating an abutment where we can place your dental crown.

One of the advantages of getting your dental crown at Lapalco Family Dental is we can make your crown on the same day as your visit. With our CEREC milling machine, we can mold a piece of ceramic to look like one of your teeth and bond it in place before you leave.

At some other dentist offices, you may have to wait for weeks after your initial visit to get your permanent crown.

▶︎ Tooth Fillings

Tooth decay can go by many names, but you may have heard them called cavities more than a few times. More than likely, you or someone you know has had at least one cavity. In the United States, more than 90 percent of the population will have at least one cavity in their lives.

If you deal with your cavity early, you often can treat it simply with a filling. We use tooth-colored fillings in our office. They provide the same protection as amalgam (metal) fillings, and they blend in seamlessly with your smile.

No Problem Is Too Big Or Small

Restorative dentistry can help someone who needs to repair a single tooth or who needs to replace all of his or her teeth. You can find the treatments mentioned above and more at our Louisiana dental center located in Marrero.

You can make an appointment or ask any questions you may have by calling 504-264-6461 or filling out our online contact form.